Header Image: The 3 Sisters

The Brian Sisters

Tin Pan Alley (1940)

The Girls' school noted that they were away from education making this film.
They were filming in the week from 21st to 25th October 1940 (and maybe a little either side of this), aged 17, 14 & 12.

In their rather small part, they help liven up the song America I Love You. John Payne is there, waggling his left arm as he pretends to play the piano for Alice Faye when she begins singing. After a short shot of The Brian Sisters attracted by the song, it livens up. First the Roberts Brothers get it moving, then The Brian Sisters do their stuff, accompanied by a placebo concertina player with flapping fingers. The girls' super smiles do a lot to help. Only a short appearance though. Overall this is a good film.

The Brian Sisters are credited as 'Specialties' again, together with the Roberts Brothers and Princess Vanessa Ammon.

This doesn't appear often on DVD. Get it if you can.

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