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The Brian Sisters

High School (1940)

In High School (1940), The Brian Sisters are listed as 'specialty' Outdoor scenes were filmed at the Jefferson High School, Monticello.

The film was called Texas Girl whilst being filmed. It was released on 26th January 1940, so must have been filmed in 1939.

The aftermath of Gwen singing the bad note!
Bad note sung deliberately!

In this film the Brian Sisters sing the Jefferson High School song, with no 'feeling' and at one time with a (deliberate) bad sound, to allow a plot 'feature'. This was in contrast to the girls' normal lively & spirited singing.

Once again, it was due to a director's idea of 'reality' that they were instructed to sing it that way. What a rotten shame for the girls.

If you only ever heard this one performance by The Brian Sisters, you would surely not be impressed at all by their capability!

You might find this film on DVD.

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