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The Brian Sisters

Gwen's Poems, from the 1942 Mar-Ken (Lawlor) School Yearbook

By Gwen Brian . . . 8th Grade

The boys have gone from now 'till then
When shining liberty will reign again.
Still smiling on this war torn earth
From bitter death to glorious birth.

I know not where my son may be,
From bomb blasted earth to angry sea.
Still I love, yes him alone,
Please win this war and send him home.

I hope to see his loving face,
I'll meet him with a running pace,
And hold him oh, so close to me
So from now 'till then, whenever it may be.

By Gwen Brian

Remember Pearl Harbor!
It's the cry of the day.
Our men will fight hard
To avenge in some way
These soldiers, heroes all of them,
Taken by surprise
By the Jap bombs
That came out of the skies.
They left scars we will never forget,
And woe to the ones, they'll receive from us yet!

So Smile men, all of you
Keep your chins up
We'll win this war
And show them what's what.

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