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The Brian Sisters: Credits

This page is not a mainstream part of the web-site, but collects together Credits and Notices.

  • All the specific and detailed information about the Brian Sisters, including many photographs, has very generously been provided and/or verified by Doris Brian Rounds, who has also kindly permitted the use of everything about The Brian Sisters that appears on this web-site. I am so very grateful to you, Doris.
  • General Information has been provided by Betty Brian (now Betty Gutter) and Doris Brian (now Doris Rounds). Their excellent and moving account of their rise to hit record is detailed on the Alvin and Eve Nichols Family history website. Nichols was the maiden name of the girls' mother, Meda. Information and pictures from the Nichols family website are used here with the webmaster's kind permission. Thank you, Roger.
  • Some photos from her album have kindly been provided by Jackie Cleveland, grand-daughter of Norma Brian. Thank you Jackie.
  • Information and pictures from the girls' schooling has kindly been provided by the School's web-site. They have freely allowed the use here of information and images both from the website and unpublished there, and kindly re-scanned some of the documents in order to provide better images. Thank you, Alan.
  • Information was available on Bozzin' With The Brian Sisters, specifically covering the relationship between The Brian Sisters and Connie (Connee) Boswell. They have kindly allowed the inclusion here of pictures and knowledge gained from their web-site, which focuses on The Boswell Sisters. Thank you, Cynthia.
  • Thanks to the many YouTube contributors, who are also obvious fans of The Brian Sisters and who have produced the clips linked from this web-site.
  • The image of a ticket for Your Blind Date was provided by, and is used with the kind permission of, Rick Payne.
  • Thanks to Janet Del, Betty's daughter, for providing more information. Thank you, Janet.
  • Thanks to Bob Demoss for his patience in studying the Hal Roach ledgers and for providing the Our Gang Follies of 1936 payment figures.
  • My personal thanks to Alan Copeland for his friendly help and advice and for sharing with me some of his recordings of the Twin Tones.
  • Extra Special Thanks to Betty, Doris and Gwen for being The Brian Sisters in the first place and for being such accomplished and talented people.

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Thank you all for your help.

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