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The Brian Sisters


1939 seemed a less prolific year for films.

With only two films this year things may have seemed to be slowing down. Of course, it is quite possible that they were engaged in filming for 1940 releases, especially High School, which was released in mid-January 1940 and so must have been filmed in 1939. But since we are working on release dates, there were only two...

Both releases in 1939 were good, but somehow it seems that Love Affair was the one most enjoyed by The Brian Sisters. In fact, only Gwen is seen in this film, but all three girls sang Wishing (Will Make It So). This 'weepie' film was very popular at the time; not everyone's favorite type of film, but you can hardly help liking the song, which The Brian Sisters used in their later radio broadcasts (and no doubt in their personal appearances) as a theme song. It is very well sung, with excellent diction; a treat for old folks who don't like modern performers gasping for breath at every opportunity, even breaking words in order to breathe.

The Brian Sisters also sang Wishing in the 1940 radio broadcast of Love Affair on Lux Radio Theater. This is a better version.

The girls sang on radio on the Screen Guild Show on April 2nd. Their performance of Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son is worth listening to...

The second film of 1939 was Second Fiddle. The girls sang parts of Song Of The Metronome in front of the class. Their singing was, as always, excellent; their appearance much too short.

Frank Brian visited his daughters around 1939
Frank Brian and his daughters

Frank visited the girls only twice after deserting the family, but each time had a cold reception from Meda, who had needed to cope without any help from him. This picture is of the five girls with their father on one of his two brief visits to them in Los Angeles.

The two elder girls, Norma (21) and Bernice (26), together with their husbands, also now lived in Los Angeles, apparently in order to be near to their mother and the young trio. They are at the rear of the picture.

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