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The Brian Sisters

The Brian Sisters: Introduction

Brian Sisters (1939)

All about The Brian Sisters, Betty, Doris and Gwen Brian, a talented young vocal trio of the 1930s and 1940s.

The girls are rightly becoming popular again as more people become aware of their achievements and, especially, of their amazing musical talent.

They could intuitively arrange and sing beautifully from childhood, and thankfully we can all enjoy at least some of this. We can't (yet) whiz back in time to witness their lost radio and personal appearances, but we can at least enjoy what has survived the decades.

All opinions in here are my own and are not necessarily those of The Brian Sisters or their Families. The facts, however, are verified as well as is possible, thanks to the exceptional kindness of Doris.

Browse in here, watch movie clips and listen to radio broadcast clips, but please bear in mind that these come from seven decades ago and are not all in perfect condition.

Brian Sisters (1943)

Many of the movies are available on DVD (in 2011) and most are well worth getting in their own right. You might not see more from The Brian Sisters than is in the clips here, but you will get plenty of enjoyment from the films.

Beneath many of the movie clips there is a comment on whether a DVD of the movie is available – but they may not be easy to obtain even if they are shown as available!

Also please bear in mind that many DVDs are 'Region 1' NTSC, so you might not be able to play them.

There will be additions to the performances here as they become available, so keep coming back to discover even more from this talented trio.



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